A photography installation that aims to tell the story of the Bat Galim neighborhood over its 100 years of existence. Visitors are invited to walk on both sides of the installation, to see the neighborhood as photographed by Sapir in the last ten years and on the other hand to see special photos from the city archive and to see the establishment of the neighborhood as it happened 100 years ago.

The photographs are shown so that at a certain point all the elements connect and you can see the year in which the neighborhood was founded, 1921.

Bat Galim 1921
(Photography Installation)​​

Bat Galim is a charming neighborhood located by the sea in Haifa. The past of the neighborhood is not unequivocal, there are opinions here and there when the neighborhood was established. Some people claim that Bat Galim was planned in 1921 and established in the late 1920s. On the other hand, the former head of the neighborhood committee, Yael Perez, claims: "As I know from the documentation in 1922, my father-in-law Dr. Perez came to Bat Galim in September 1933 and was a resident of the neighborhood at 17 Hatchelet Street until his death. Some residents joke that Bat Galim is still under construction, and on the Wikipedia site the answer is 1921. The past is not unequivocal so this installation presents history with photos courtesy of the city archives and photos taken by the photographer Sapir Bronzberg Levi from the last decade. The installation consists of over 60 photos showing the history and present of the neighborhood, its construction and development. As we walk around the room the numbers are revealed to our eyes slowly. When we stand at a certain point we see the year 1921. I would love to hear your opinion. You are welcome to contact me

Sapir Bronzberg Levi is a photographer & visual artist, who creates immersive art VR & AR, hologram, interactive installation.

Curator Shirley Meshulam

Visitors in
the exhibition

Visitors in the exhibition​ 

Visitors in
the exhibition

Interview about the exhibition (Hebrew)

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