What would the future look like? Can we experience the beaches in a whole new way? Can we slide on the sand instead of wasting plastic?

This art and VR exhibition welcomes you to expirience the seas in 100 years from now.

Bat Galim 1921
(Photography Installation)​​

Bat Galim 2120 VR is the eight exhibition of the artist Sapir Bronzberg Levi. In this exhibition Sapir emphasizes about environment. in the Last exhibition she used AR, now she used mainly in VR. The posters on the wall take the viewer on journey to the future. Headlines like "The solar cableway has been opened for the public" and "Children surfing on the sand" together with the Date of the event and helps the viewer to get excited about what's happening in the Virtual Reality device.

After the viewer puts on the VR device, the first reaction was WOW! kind of a shock and he tries to realize where is he and when, at first site you see the famous Casino building that after few shocks it will become spaceship that flies to the sky. With the spinning chair the viewer can turn left and right and see 360 degrees to experience the future of the Bat Galim neighborhood.

The exhibition is for all ages. Small children was excited like adults. When the neighborhood residents came to the exhibition, they were intrigued to see what came out of the neighborhood for the next generations. When Sapir asked them how they imagined their future, none of them could imagine what they were experiencing there.

The role of the exhibit is to open the viewer to what the future may be, the purpose of this experience is to encourage the preservation of the environment, so that one day we can experience all this beauty.

Sapir Bronzberg Levi is a photographer & visual artist, who creates immersive art VR & AR, hologram, interactive installation.

Curator Shirley Meshulam

Visitors in
the exhibition

Visitors in the exhibition​ 

Visitors in
the exhibition

Interview about the exhibition (Hebrew)

Haifa's newspapper

"The artist Sapir Bronzberg, which is also a graphic design student in Tiltan academy in Haifa, presented for the eight time an exhibition in Bat Galim. This year, toward , the tenth year of festival, she decided to present how the neighborhood will look like in 100 years from now. Crowd of all ages came to see and experience in virtual reality – 360 digress. For instance, the famous Csino in the neighborhood became an alien dam, also in the an underwater riff was discovered rare sea animals. That was very interesting."

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