About Sapir Bronzberg Levi

About Sapir
Bronzberg Levi

I love photography sinse I was young. I remember I always took my camera to every trip. Also art was always in my mind. I learnedย plastic art in "Reut"ย junior high schoolย at the age of 16. I studied drawing, scalpturing, the art of color and the history of art.ย 

There I learned the basics of what I know today. How to aproch the subjects of my exhibition, how to use color in a wize way, the contrast, and working with black and white.


I started learning proffesional photography at the age of 16. I learned about the history of photography, the optics behind the camera, lightning in the studio, and composition. I conducted to final photography exhibition. One about the connection of sign language in a visual way to the interpretation of majority of the people.


I was an army photography for 2ย  years and one month permanent service. In that time I traveled throw all of Israel. In my service I had the apretunity to publish my photography in the "Bamahane" newspapper. I had a several newspaper cover photo, and also a few spreadย articles. I received an award "the editors choice" photo of the year. I have been documenting the IDF's Holocaust journey to Poland twich.

My first photography exhibition

I met Shirley Meshulamโ€Ž the magnificent courier throw a gallery inside a mall in Haifa. I was very impressed by her decisions and her special touch in every exhibition she curated.

After the first talk we knew we will have a long prospering future together and the rest is history.

Thanks to Shirley I have been conducting exhibitions in Bat Galim since 2010.

An interview of Sapir at
Channel 13, Israel TV

"I searched for a new thing in the art exhibitions, this VR technology is available to most people, any one who has a smartphone can use it. Thanks to this app I am able to resurrect this wonderful neighborhood."

An interview of Sapir at
Haifa online newspapper

"This is my eight year that I conductedย an exhibiton in this festival andย now,ย especialy for theย 10 years anniversary,ย I have desided to show how Bat Galim neighborhood would look like in 100 years from nowย ."ย